If you are a victim of
Beirut August Massacre
If you lost a beloved one,If you suffered physical, material or mental harm
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We are victims of the Beirut August Massacre who have either lost a beloved one or suffered injury or material damages or other harm.

We decided to take action and demand justice for all victims to make sure this crime is properly investigated, prosecuted and punished.

We believe that only an independent international neutral investigation and trial will reveal the truth and do justice to us.

With all the uncertainty and open questions about this crime, including the circumstances preceding it, the Lebanese authorities knowledge and thereafter the Lebanese authorities reaction in dealing with the crime scene and the crime investigation itself, as well as all the previous failures of the Lebanese authorities to uncover the truth in such big crimes.

Indeed, despite all the uncertainties, ONE FACT IS CERTAIN:
The Lebanese government's negligence and corruption have played a major role in this crime.

We believe the international investigation and prosecution is necessary to do justice to us. Enough impunity and injustice!

We have reached out to international lawyer Nada Abdelsater-Abusamra to help us achieve our goal for justice. Having previously represented a large number of non-political citizens like us who have fallen victims of the explosion that assassinated former PM Rafic Hariri, she was part of the efforts in pushing the UN security council to establish the Special Tribunal for Lebanon currently sitting in the Hague, where Nada is the legal representative of the victims.

We reach out to all other victims to join us in this initiative and Demand Justice Now by signing up this letter!

You can take Action
Have you lost a loved one? Have you been injured? Have you lost your livelihood or have suffered material damages or other harm? Then you are you a victim of this crime and you can take action and be part of this initiative to bring justice for the Victims.

Why is this a massacre, a crime against humanity?

The massive explosion that destroyed most of Beirut on August 4, 2020 is a crime against humanity.
Beirut is completely devastated,
more than 177 killed, more than 7,000 injured with not enough hospitals nor enough medical equipment or supplies or personnel to treat them, more than 350,000 citizens left homeless or displaced. The victims encompass several nationalities across age, race, confession, profession, status...

With all the uncertainties and open questions about the material, the ignition and the causes of the explosion, ONE FACT IS CERTAIN:
The Lebanese government's negligence and corruption have played a major role in this crime.
Only an independent neutral investigation and prosecution will reveal the truth, punish those responsible and do justice to you and to Lebanon.

You can make justice happen

This is a Letter from the victims to the members of the United Nations Security Council which has the prerogative to appoint an international investigation commission and to refer the matter to the International Criminal Court or to a special international court, in order to hold accountable and bring to Justice all those responsible for this atrocious crime. The Victims have decided to take action.

Demand Justice Now!
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As victim of Beirut August Massacre, I hereby endorse the Letter to the UN Security Council dated 8 August 2020 signed by Nada Abdelsater-Abusamra Esq. upon the request of Victims of the Beirut August Massacre, and I demand an international investigation and prosecution to hold accountable those responsible and order damages to the victims. I understand and agree that by clicking "Agree & Submit", I am accepting, approving and endorsing the Letter.

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